International Development & Humanitarian Organization (IDHO) is an international humanitarian support services, nonprofit and non-governmental organization founded in January 2016 in Seattle, Washington in the US as a social and development organization by Hussein Abdullahi and with the help of Kristine Lynch. The purpose is to provide humanitarian, social and development services in the Horn of Africa regions; Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. Also, the organization will provide sustainable livelihoods intervention opportunities to support the most vulnerable and susceptible communities both in the rural and urban areas in East Africa. Meanwhile, IDHO will implement the access for a better education, adequate healthcare services, pure water and sanitation, and eventually improved sustainable community developments in the region.
Hussein Abdullahi the founder of the IDHO organization went to East Africa to evaluate and responded that the urgent needs of emergency humanitarian assistance and the lack of development in the regions. So IDHO’s philosophy is that development comes from the people themselves and if we work together, we can reach our potential and provide the basic social welfare services in Africa and humanitarian services that are integral to human progress.

Our mission is to provide the essentials of basic educational and health service delivery in Africa to bring sustainability in which all Africans can thrive.


Our vision is to establish self-sufficiency and to promote social progress in a post-war torn region.