Hussein Abdullahi is a Somali American, founder and executive director of the International Development & Humanitarian Organization (IDHO), Former Youth Ambassador in Skyway, Member of Worldwide Somali Students & Professionals, and pursues his studies at American Public University (APU).

His main goal is to promote the welfare and wellbeing of all children and empower young girls through education and peace. To provide the basic human necessities to the excluded communities in the Horn of Africa region and implement resources.

Hussein has over 8 years of community advocacy, peace-building initiatives and an expert in housing and urban development. He worked with numerous Community Organizations in the greater King County area such as Somali Youth and Family Club.

He is social entrepreneur, human rights activist, philanthropist and a community advocate. He was the founder of Childrens Rights Club (CRC) in Dadaab Refugee Camps, a youth movement and community awareness of early childhood education.

He strongly believes that building social capital unites our communities for a better future.